News – 03.02.2023

New Work in Lower Austria's Industry

39 Examples of Good Practice for New Work

On behalf of the Metals Technology Industry (MTI) of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ), WIFO economists Julia Bock-Schappelwein and Agnes Kügler prepared a study on new strategies to attract new workers and respond to order fluctuations.
News – 01.02.2023

Macroeconomic Effects of Economic Policy Measures in Reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Study Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Finance

A recent study tries to investigate the relation between the economic policy measures set during the COVID-19 pandemic for supporting domestic enterprises and the following economic performance.
News – 31.01.2023

Domestic Economy Shrinks in the Fourth Quarter of 2022

WIFO Flash Estimate

According to the latest WIFO flash estimate, Austria's economic output fell by 0.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the previous quarter. While service sectors and private household consumption weighed on the development, industry and foreign trade were still stable.
News – 23.01.2023

Weekly WIFO Economic Index

WWWI: Calendar Weeks 48 and 49 2022

Year-on-year economic growth based on the weekly GDP indicator (WWWI) is estimated at +4 percent for December 2022 (calendar weeks 48 to 52, 28 November 2022 to 1 January 2023; November +1¾ percent, revised).
News – 21.11.2022 Provides Daily Data for Austria

Online Portal also Shows Temperature-corrected Savings in Gas Consumption

The online portal presents daily updated energy data for Austria. In contrast to comparable energy monitors, the presentation of gas consumption savings takes into account the outdoor temperature and thus the main driver of gas consumption.